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Happy Puddle Jumping!

Greetings from the Promised Land! Yes, we are still on great adventures. No, I do not love blogging. But here I am, ready to update you with the latest news…

The girls and I have been crashing at my parent’s house (the Homeplace) for the last 6 weeks. I’m sure glad we travelled as early as we did…I can’t fathom it being possible if my belly had been any larger 🙂 The girls were perfect travellers, and Mom met us half way to help with the overnight part of the trip.

We left a winter wonderland and were welcomed with an early summer! It was beautiful hot weather, and although we’ve had some cool days since arriving, it sure beats the snow 🙂

Today was warm, and wet. The girls asked if they could jump in the puddles and since it’s tubby day, I gave them the nod.

Baby is due on Sunday…Hubby arrives tomorrow. He was supposed to get here yesterday, but alas, the weather in the north does not always cooperate. We are SO excited to see him!!! And if this baby can hold on for 19 more hours, he won’t miss the grand arrival. No, there is no reason to think labour will happen. But at the same time, I’m offically full term and ready to meet this little girl!!

So there, I blogged.

PS…check out this website….my sister and niece are a photography duo and pretty soon they’ll be taking some pictures of my newest pink bundle!!



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