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Catching Up…Part 2

A week after we got back from vacation, I had to take Jennie to the big city for an MRI. Thankfully it came back clear!

And the day after we got back from that trip, Jennie turned 3!! We actually postponed her birthday celebrations by a day because I was too exhausted to pull a party together.

September was beautiful, time for a picnic on the beach! Only in Nunavut do you have picnics in your snowsuits 🙂

The Handsome and Moi

The girls are growing so fast!

Last week I took the big girls out on the lake by our house. This is where the town drinking water comes from, after going through a purification system. A lot of the locals just cut their own ice and let it thaw in their house, they prefer the fresh water taste over the chlorine. It is hard to work cut the ice!

A local lady made an amauti for me!! I picked some of the fabric, and she made the coat without even measuring me. Fits perfectly, and Chelsea likes riding in the back. And yes, we are ready for Christmas 🙂

And last but not least, here’s the latest and biggest news in our household…the family is growing! #4 is due in May and we are very excited!! I think it’s a boy…wouldn’t that be crazy?!


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Catching Up…Part 1

We had been living in Nunavut for just over a week when we were invited to the Hamlet Day celebration feast. Loads of frozen animal parts spread out on tarps…it smelled rather interesting!! After some prayers and scripture reading, the local people sat around the tarp and helped themselves. I just took pictures…not ready for the raw food yet!

These folks went all out for Canada Day celebrations! July 1st was a fun day out on the land. Some ‘country food’ (see above picture), tea making contest, and hamburgers cooked up by the cops! Lots of people had their honda’s decorated. It was a great experience!

I never thought I’d move to Nunavut and find a kindred spirit!!

Later in July we took off to the Promised Land for a month long vacation. We spent some time with my family first…the only person missing is a brother-in-law! Dad and Duke, us four girls, our hubs and our kids makes a grand total of 28 (so far…)!!

Mama D and her girls

After a stint with my family, we spent time with the hub’s family. We can’t go home without a trip to see hub’s grandparents!

Family picture after church on Sunday…Grampy and Grampy, Us, Timotheous, Uncle Alf and the Greats!

My talented photographer sister (www.watchtheskyphotography.wordpress.com) took some time out of her busy life to capture my family on film!!

And that’s all I’ve got for part one of the great blog catch up…Watch for part 2, coming soon 🙂

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Hello :)

I am doing really well with my title of Worst Blogger Ever. But it’s not my fault, really! This internet thing up north is not quite up to par with the rest of the southern world. I have written a few posts only to have them fail to upload. So I gave up. I’m trying again…If this post works, I’ll post something worth reading soon 🙂

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