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Memory Lane

Growing up, we had a neighbour who would stand on our verandah, and peek in the kitchen window while we were eating supper. “Go home _____” was a regular supper saying. I never thought it was strange, it was just the way things were.

We also had a cat who liked that window. Clawdette would jump up on the screen and wait for someone to notice her, and then let her in the house. I’m not sure how many times the screen had to be replaced, but I know that Clawdette heard her fair share of, “Get down!”

Even on this little island in the Hudson Bay, the window watching continues. We heard some strange noises during supper last night. And then it caught my eye…

This little guy climbed up the fencing under our house to see what was going on. “What’s your name?” He asked. Jennie didn’t give her name, but she did yell, “You be careful!”. He nodded, then hopped down.

One thing that I’m still having a hard time getting used to is the kids that come to the house, asking for food. I tell them to go home and have supper. They say they are poor and have no food. It’s hard to see the look on their face as they gaze at my girls, all dolled up in princess dresses. Clean. And the smell of a home cooked meal in the oven.

We were thrilled to meet another family in town last week. They moved here a few weeks before we did, and somehow I had no idea they were here! The most exciting part was that they are Christians!! It will be great to have believers to fellowship with, and join with us as we listen to our online services from back home.

Spring is still trying to spring. It is June 10th, and the bay is still mostly frozen over! It snowed two days ago! Mittens and hats and long undies are still part of the dress code. The pictures sent from home overwhelm me…so much greenery, so much colour, so much to take in after staring at snow at rocks for so long! I can’t wait for our trip out in a few weeks!

That’s all I’ve got for tonight…


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