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The Land

On Saturday, the hubster took us girls out on the land for an adventure. I love the way they say it here, “going out on the land.” We bundled up and hopped on the honda, and went out to see what was out there!

It was a super duper bumpy adventure. Having a baby tied to the front of me, and a toddler on each side, made for an interesting ride 🙂 We didn’t see any wildlife, but we did get some beautiful views of the bay. The rocks were covered in what looked like berry bushes, and I’m hoping someone who knows the land will take me out sometime and show me what berries are okay to pick!

The girls were so excited for this…ever since we saw the hondas in the garage last week they’ve been looking forward to a ride. I’m sure we’ll have many more rides in the future, but I hope it warms up soon! Even with our expensive mitts on, we were cold!! Um, isn’t it the end of May? I’m not sure that this place ever sees a real spring or summer!

We’ve been told that in a few weeks there will be beluga whales in the bay, and I will have my camera ready for when I hear the gunfire of a whale hunt! We’ve also been warned to stay inside until the gunfire ends. These people are rather interesting!!

Life up north has been great so far…I’m sure we’ll have many more adventures to come in the next few years!


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Welcome to my new blog!! The old address was tricksy to work with ever since my email address changed. So here I am!!

Feel free to join my family as we take on the great Canadian North, as part of our journey to the East Coast. We’ve been living on an island in the Hudson Bay for two months now, and have been really enjoying it!

I will do my best to update with pictures of our adventures.

Hope you’ll tag along!!

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